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If you're here you may be looking for help...and we're willing to give it.

Riding a motorcycle is a joyful yet complex process.  Done well you don't realize you're operating a machine--you're making a soulful connection between the inner desire to fly and the physical world.  It is in that paradise that we often immerse ourselves to the point of delirium and can forget the technical demands and dangers of riding.  

Riding should be fun but it also should not be fatal.  Being able to merge automatic reactions with the joy of a twisty road can be a tough business and riding is a continuous learning process.    

When I was 18 I bought my first bike--because my parents couldn't stop me anymore.  I LOVE TO RIDE.  I hope you do too.  IF you're not enjoying your riding then there's a good chance you're doing something wrong.  One of the biggest challenges of riding is finding good simple fixes for common problems.  Often we try to make the answer more complex than the problem!  Something as simple as getting your head and eyes up and looking through the turn can vastly improve your cornering!   Dragging the rear brake can make u-turns a snap!  

The Crash Clan wants to help.  Try our "Road Work" series for indepth looks at how to get through those tough license tests.  "Quick Tips" are great 1 minute segments designed to give you quick tips and tricks.  "60 Second Lessons" are just that...60 seconds of goodness.  Finally, the original "Howzit Done" are there too...don't worry, they're seminal and look it.

Oh, and another great rider named Mike Fitterling (rides his self-restored CB350 all over the south) thought I write pretty good too.  View his adventures and excerpts from the books at  He's just a guy trying to make a living and keep his bike running--try it you might like it. 

We're a family business and the entire Crash Clan helps with video production, web design and DVD authoring.  

REMEMBER:  While techniques discussed on this site are designed to improve your riding experience, they cannot guarantee your safety.  Motorcycling is a dangerous activity and can result in injury, paralysis or DEATH...and you're taking advice from a guy named "CRASH"--take it for what it's worth. 

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