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It's TRUE!  60 Second Lessons are perfect for Clubs, Instructors, Schools and Individuals. Whether you're filling a break during instruction or just giving a garage party and want to add simple instruction for your club, 60 Second Lessons fill the bill.  

60 Second Lessons are designed to quickly and concisely address those little things that can quickly improve your riding experience.  A little polish on basic techniques will improve your overall experience.'

Covering topics as diverse as:

First Spring Ride

Crowned Roads

Peripheral Vision

Linking Curves


and much, much more...

Running Time Approx 45 min.

This is a standard screen NTSC Region 1 DVD, so if you're not in the're on your own! 

Thanks for watching and Enjoy!
60 Second Lessons
Order your copy of: Howzit Done? Season One 

$19.99+ shipping.

Howzit Done?  Season 1 contains 15 uncut episodes for your viewing pleasure.  All you have to do it put it in the player and decide which thrilling episode you want to watch!


1.  Getting Started--how to get into riding
2.  Clutching--basic Friction Zone, Clutch is your buddy
3.  Braking--basics of braking
4.  Leaning--want to turn? Gotta lean
5.  Slow Motion--low speed riding
6.  Gear--what should you wear?
7.  Practice--makes better
8.  Off Set Cone Weave--Taking the Alt MOST test?  Here's help
9.  Octane--Fuel selection
10. Staying Warm--why cold can kill and how to deal with it.
11. Apexing--the dark art, how to find it and use it.
12. Stowage--what should you carry with you?
13. POV--How's Howzit Done? Done
14. U-Turns--Hints and tips
15. Stoppies--information not instruction

This is a standard screen NTSC Region 1 DVD, so if you're not in the're on your own! 

Thanks for watching!
Howzit Done Season 1
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